Sara Gilmour

Sara Gilmour is a London-based stylist and consultant who fuses intuitive style with wholehearted soul and an effortless touch to all she crafts.

Gilmour, the Fashion Editor-at-Large for Italy’s Muse Magazine, is a natural directional storyteller with an ability to create a breadth of visual worlds.

Utilising her network of world-class photographers and artists, she has collaborated with the the likes of Venetia Scott, Adrian Samson, Johan Sandberg, Till Janz, Brett Lloyd, Tung Walsh, Lena C. Emery, Estelle Hanania, Jeff Boudreau, Rory van Millingen, Greta Ilieva and Scott Trindle amongst others.

Gilmour has also worked with a wealth of publications, including Interview Germany, Office, Numéro Berlin, Muse, Beauty Papers, V magazine and Under the Influence.

Selected Projects