[spanish] /ˈfɛ/ Absolute trust in somebody’s ability or knowledge; trust that they will do what has been promised.

fe Creatives is a modern agency representing next wave creative and strategic talent, in the most inclusive, empowering and collaborative of fashions.

Dedicated to matching talent to brands, to deliver impactful content – at any or every stage, from concept to delivery.


Our roster is made up of multi-hyphenate creatives who inspire visual worlds through photography, moving image, creative direction, multi media art and still life – from their hearts, their souls and potent intuition.

fe Creatives, founded by Elle John and Fabio Mayor.


Two dear friends and former colleagues with a shared magnetic faith in the power of true creativity and transparent production. Prior to fe, we were running Luxury Brands out of Ridley Scott Creative Group, MARIOTESTINO+ and some of the world’s largest advertising agencies. For fe Creatives, we chose to pull together our friends, the stars we’ve met along the way, and represent them in the truest of fashions. We know their voices, their passions, their unique processes, what they want to express to the world, and produce their work through our sister company, MAYOR Productions