Rob Rusling

Former first assistant to the iconic Fashion Photographer Nick Knight, Rob has since taken work under his own name, collaborating with global brands and artists alike to tell his stories, from his uniquely crafted point of view and visual lens. A lens that is far from expected for a visual artist – as he executes his craft through partial sight – something he mysteriously lost well into his career. But in true artist athleticism, Rob never let this stand in the way of the images he always dreamt of making. Inspired by the greats, Rob finesses and delivers the performance of his craft through encyclopedic photography rigour, phenomenal technical skill, and from a place of deep intuition and trust in the visible, and invisible.



Selected Projects

Notable is Rob’s inclusion in the 2019 New Wave 100 list awarded by the BFC as part of the 2019 Fashion Awards. The A-list of 100 of the most innovative and inspiring young creative talents from around the world. The dynamic list includes trailblazers from across multiple disciplines from artists, activists, casting agents, commentators, florists, hair and makeup artists, image makers, nail artists, set designers, stylists and writers.


Maison Margiela, BALMAIN, GUCCI, Louis Vuitton, TAG Heuer, Nintendo, LVMH, Vivienne Westwood, Coty, Gareth Pugh, A-Cold-Wall*, Adidas, Diesel, Shaun Leane, Art School.


VOGUE, King Kong Magazine, Numéro, PAPER, 10 Magazine, Russh and The Face.